Advent at Westminster


Join us as we countdown the days of Advent
until God's new world is born on Christmas day.


Each day during Advent, click on and read that day's Advent card. 
Or pick up a week's worth of cards each Sunday of Advent from the poster in the Gallery Room. 
These postcards offer simple actions for us to take each day.  These actions include baking a casserole for a neighbor one day. 
One postcard suggests we turn off all our computers, phones, televisions and radios for an evening. 
Other cards instruct us to subtract one thing from our daily agenda and then use that time to pray for peace or for refugees around the world. 
You won't need any special shopping for the suggestions on these cards or any special equipment. 
If you miss a day, forgive yourself and your busy schedule and move onto the next day's activity.  

    With these every day simple acts, we will prepare our hearts, minds and bodies for God's new world that is born on Christmas Eve.

Advent Cards

Day 1-4      Day 5-8     Day 9-12     Day 13-16     Day 17-20     Day 21-24     Day 25-28




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