Your Daily Lenten Practice


You are invited on a journey during the forty days of Lent to explore the story of Jesus’ life as told by writer of the gospel of Luke.  Episcopalians, and other churches around the world will start reading daily passages from this gospel beginning Sunday, February 11 before Ash Wednesday.  By Saturday, March 31, you will have read the entire gospel of Luke.
The congregations at First Buffalo, Lafayette Avenue, University and Westminster Presbyterian churches are invited to take on the Lenten practice of daily Bible readings.  We read Luke’s gospel with open hearts to grow in faith as we encounter these sacred stories.  Rev. Yorty, Rev. Tracy Daub, Rev. Ken Hughes, and church educator Debbie Katz are also taking on this Lenten practice.  Please feel free to reflect and discuss with us your thoughts and feelings as we read through this gospel.
Do you have any questions before you begin this Lenten practice?  Join us for a soup lunch at 11:45AM on Sunday, February 11 in Westminster’s Parish Hall, when we welcome Rev. Dr. Lance Brown, an eminent biblical scholar and theologian. Lance Brown will address any concerns and questions we may have about reading the Bible daily.  Lance has the ability to discuss theology of these stories in practical, every day terms.
Families are invite to join this practice.  If your children received their 3rd grade Bible, this is a great opportunity for your family to use that Bible during Lent.  Included in this booklet is a list of children’s Bible story books where you can find the stories in the gospel of Luke.

Click HERE for a list of this week's daily readings from the Gospel of Luke.  If you would like to download and print the Good Book Club booklet, click HERE.



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