Join us for the Women of Westminster’s

  This evening will be as American as apple pie, baked beans, tuna noodle casserole, lime jello with pears, chicken potpie, or whatever nostalgic dish stirs your culinary fancy.  Dig out your Tupperware, don your swing dress or sheath, find those spectator pumps, or just relax in your pedal pushers and saddle shoes.  Polka dot, stripes, and plaids all acceptable.  (White gloves, merry widows, and straight seams NOT mandatory)
  Take the rest of the summer to contemplate: will I make mashed, baked or scalloped potatoes? Should I resurrect wacky cake, coconut cream pie, or tapioca pudding?  Or shall I just bring a huge bowl of chex mix?  (No exotic grains like amaranth, farro, or quinoa salads allowed – kasha and bowties permitted.)
  Feeling tied to your mother’s ham and sliced pineapple apron strings? Bring it all on! Defrost that shrimp, olive, and deviled ham loaf and slather it with cream cheese and nuts.  The party is ready to begin! Sign up in the Gallery Room on the Information Table and let us know what you will bring!


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