Ministries: Growing in Faith

At Westminster, the congregation is welcoming and all-embracing as we explore the opportunities to cultivate an awareness of God's presence and providence in our daily lives. Our community which is based on a common Christian faith is open, intelligent, and willing to dialogue, discuss, disagree and, most importantly, undertake a life-long adventure in faith together.

We believe

As Presbyterians, we are a people who value the Bible. We believe we know God when we know about God. As we read and study scripture and then teach its stories to our children, we believe that the Bible has the power to read us and form us into faithful disciples of Christ. When we use the Bible stories as a mirror for our lives, we can better understand ourselves. These stories demonstrate to us and our children ways God has interacted with people in the past and how God continues to interact with us today.

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If you are new to the congregation or have a question, please contact Debbie Katz at 716-884-9437, ext. 329.

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