18th Annual Understanding Islam Series

Read The Buffalo News Viewpoints: Muslims and Christians share core beliefs and values.


March 12: Concept of God in Islam and Christianity
Rev. Dr. Skip Ferguson & Sawsan Tabbaa, DDS 
  -Centrality of God in each faith tradition
  -Status of Jesus in Christianity & Islam
  -Concept of Trinity
  -99 Attributes of God in Islam
  -Why & Who do we pray to


March 19: Holy Scriptures in Abrahamic Faiths
Rev. Dr. Jonathan Lawrence & Imam Khalilullah Qadri 
  -Explain the origin of scriptures in chronologic order
  -Old Testament to the New Testament to the Last Testament
  -Source and compilation timeline of scriptures
  -Primary message(s) and interpretation(s) of scriptures
  -Status of Scriptures today

March 26: Primary Role Model(s) for Christians & Muslims
Rev. Daniel Schifeling & Husam Ghanim, PhD
  -Prophethood in Christianity & Islam
  -Centrality of Jesus and Muhammad (PBUH) in respective faith traditions
  -Primary role(s) models in your faith traditions
  -Role and status of spiritual mentorship
  -Any Pledge of Allegiance requirement from your faith tradition

April 2: How we live our lives as Christians & Muslims
Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Yorty & Kathy Jamil, MS
  -What is essential for daily living in your faith (Spiritually)
  -Guiding principles and rules for our daily life
  -Application of the lessons from the lives of our role model(s) today
  -Teachings from our families, homes and religious institutions
  -Role and status of Shariah in Muslim daily life


All sessions will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 724 Delaware Avenue, and are open to the public.
Each evening will begin at 6:00 PM with a halal dinner, followed by presentations and discussion from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.
Dinner reservations ($7) are required; please contact Jamie at 
jadamczyk@wpcbuffalo.org or 716-884-9437. No reservation is required if not attending dinner.


Co-sponsored by

First Presbyterian Church of Buffalo  • First Shiloh Baptist Church  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Islamic Society of the Niagara Frontier • Orchard Park Presbyterian Church
Newman Center, University at Buffalo  • North Presbyterian Church
St. Joseph University Church  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral  • Trinity Episcopal Church
Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo  •  University Presbyterian Church



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