Giving to WECP


Building Foundations for a Lifetime Endowment   

Ensuring the Future of WECP



This campaign is about giving the same recognition and support to the programs and teachers
of WECP, and the critical education and services they offer, as we give to colleges, high schools
and grade schools. Our goal is to establish a permanently restricted endowment for WECP to 
ensure that it is still vibrant and active 50 years from now to educate future generations of children. 

There are three categories of endowed giving:

  • General purpose - A permanently restricted endowment fund to support WECP, 
    not limited to any specific purpose
  • Scholarship - Allows donors to support tuition assistance for qualifying families, 
    which as been a part of the school's mission since its beginning over sixty-five years ago.
  • Teacher Support - Allows donors to support teacher salaries and professional development. 
    This giving category will allow WECP to permanently support its most valuable asset, the faculty.

Donations can be made online here

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