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We are pleased that you have chosen Westminster Presbyterian Church for your wedding. We want everything to go smoothly so that you have a memorable day.
This is a very important day in your life,and we want to do all we can to make it a joyous one! Please review the following guidelines and procedures that will help you in your planning.



Guidelines for Weddings at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Eligibility: Westminster Presbyterian Church will accept wedding requests from members and non - members. Request forms can be obtained through the Administrative Assistant at the Church, or on our website, The completed form will then be presented to the Pastor. Upon approval, the form will be passed on to the Wedding Coordinator who will contact you about the specifics of your wedding.

Schedule the date and time for the wedding and the wedding rehearsal: This information should be indicated on your request form. Any changes in time or date must first be approved by the church office. Keep in mind that you are requesting a date on a busy calendar in a very active church.We will not schedule weddings on the following days: Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the day before Easter, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, December 24, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, or any  day that the church is scheduled to be closed.

One of the clergy of Westminster Presbyterian Church will officiate at your wedding. Visiting clergy are welcome to assist in the order of service. If you desire to ask another member of the clergy to have a part in the service, make your desire known to the Westminster pastor who will officiate at your wedding.

The design of your wedding service will be arranged by the Westminster officiating clergy in consultation with you. Every wedding is unique, and many decisions must be made. Plans for your ceremony are best made with the guidance of the officiating clergy.  So that we can  prepare  you for your ceremony and life together, the officiating clergy will meet with you for premarital counseling.

Facilities Available for Weddings: The Sanctuary will seat approximately 950 and the Holmes Chapel 75.

Readings from scripture are integral to the marriage service. Such selections may be read by officiating clergy, lay readers or visiting clergy. Other selections from the bridal couple will be considered. All items read in the wedding must be approved by the officiating clergy. Suggested readings will be provided at the time of premarital counseling.

Music is the second language of the church, expressing and drawing out emotions that deepen and enrich the worship experience. The choice of wedding music is an important part of your planning. Much music, instrumental and vocal, has been composed for the Christian wedding.  Make an appointment at least 2 months prior to your wedding date to meet with Garrett Martin, Choir Master and Director of Music Ministries, who will help you select music. Musical texts must be sacred.

Flowers: It is your responsibility to arrange for floral decorations, which you will want to plan carefully. Inform your florist that decorations are to be complete at least one hour before the time of the wedding. Arrange for the wedding party's flowers to be left on the back table in the Sanctuary. Ask your florist to label the corsages and attendants flowers.
 If the church is already decorated for a special church event (such as Christmas or Easter), you are expected to use the existing seasonal decorations in your decoration theme.
 In order to protect church facilities, no nails, tacks, tape, wire, or other devices may be used to secure flowers, palms, or other decorations to church furniture; only narrow ribbon may be used to secure these items. Please inform your florist. Aisle runners are permitted, and can be arranged through your florist. No balloons, confetti, flower petals, rice, birdseed, etc., are permitted on the church premises, inside or outside.
 No essential symbol or piece of furniture shall be obscured by the use of floral decorations, for example, the Pulpit, Lectern or Lord's Table.

Candelabras are available for your use. Decorations are not to be attached to the candelabra. If you plan to use a Unity Candle as part of your ceremony, please indicate this to the Wedding Coordinator and the officiating clergy in your conferences with them. Your florist can provide a selection of Unity Candles.

Photography: Please inform your professional photographer, flash photography is permitted during the bridal procession and during the recessional at the close of the ceremony. Photography during the ceremony itself is permitted only without flash. Post-wedding photography must be completed by 45 minutes after the end of the wedding service. Guests may NOT take photographs during the ceremony.

Videography: Video taping is permitted from a stationary location. Taping is permitted during the entire service. Equipment must be set up 45 minutes prior to the ceremony. Discuss this with the Wedding Coordinator.

Rehearsals: A rehearsal is generally scheduled the day before the wedding service. Rehearsal times must be discussed with the Wedding Coordinator to ensure that all parties are present. The minister is responsible for the conduct of worship and is responsible for the direction of the wedding rehearsal and the order of the wedding service.

The Bride's Room is for the bride and her attendants while waiting prior to the wedding hour. The room should be cleared of any personal belongings immediately after the wedding.

The groom and the best man wait in the church office, where the officiating clergy will meet them 30 minutes prior to the wedding hour.

Location: The church is located on Delaware Avenue, in the city of Buffalo.  Public parking is available immediately behind the church. (This lot does fill up at times, however, and may be a consideration in your planning.) Additional parking can possibly be secured with ample notice.

License: The marriage license and the marriage certificate must be presented to the officiating clergy prior to the wedding, at the rehearsal. The portion of the marriage certificate entitled "Record of the Marriage" should be completed by the bride and groom. The license and certificate are obtained from the office of the clerk of the county of residence of the bride.


Fees for Members and Non-Members

Fees cover: Pastor, Organist, Wedding Coordinator, Sexton, candles, use of Church, and standard wedding bulletins: $25 for up to 100 black and white bulletins
$25 for each additional 50. (Additional cost for color)

Member Fee: $ 1250.00
Non-Member Fee: $ 1750.00
(All non-member weddings must be approved by the Pastor.)

Deposits: A non- refundable deposit of $500 is required at the time the wedding date is confirmed. Full payment of fees must be made to the Business Office six weeks prior to the wedding. Please make the check payable to Westminster Presbyterian Church. Include the bride's name and the date of the wedding with the check and mail to: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Attn: Business Office, 724 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209.


Download a Request for a Wedding form




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