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       Westminster is people in relationship with God and one another, serving the community.  Excerpt from Mission Statement, 2000


On behalf of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, welcome to our website.


Dear Visitors,

Founded in 1854, Westminster is a uniquely progressive and yet traditional mainline Presbyterian congregation. Our diverse membership is comprised of all ages, from all walks of life, all kinds and conditions of living, from every corner of Western New York.

Westminster Presbyterian Church of Buffalo has long been known for:



Sunday mornings offer education opportunities for adults, young people and children:


  • Hearing from community leaders and experts about local, national and global issues
  • Supporting and learning from one another about the life we share in the Spirit and spiritual formation
  • Exploring the wisdom and daily relevance of the Bible and the importance of Biblical study  
  • Middlers Class, Confirmation Class and Senior Highs Dialog Diner
  • Our childcare providers welcome and tend infants and toddlers
  • Sunday school classes Rotation Workshop


Westminster has a long history of commitment to building a stronger, healthier community in Western New York:

  • Our  principal mission program is the Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI).  It includes four volunteer-based programs that are focused on building economic viability and improving the quality of life on the West Side of Buffalo.

  • Our Early Childhood Programs (WECP) is recognized as one of the finest preschool programs in Western New York.


Through worship and being together in fellowship with one another, we discover God in our midst— caring, nurturing, leading us to be a sign of peace and justice in the world. We hope you'll worship with us or better yet, get to know us by partaking in any of the opportunities to serve and grow here at Westminster.  We'd love to get to know you.

Sincerely Yours,

The Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Yorty, Pastor


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